Data-Driven Testing: A Tutorial for QA Testers

data driven testing

Picture this: you’re testing online registration forms, and you need to ensure that every input field in the form is working as expected. To do this, you build a manual test for one input field. And then another for a second. And then another for a third…and so on. Thankfully, this scenario isn’t likely to […]

How Ghost Inspector Simplifies Accessibility Testing for QA Testers

accessibility testing

The disability community represents the world’s largest minority group. Anyone can become disabled at any time, and as lifespans extend, it’s increasingly likely that everyone will experience some form of disability at some point in their lives. With more than a billion people worldwide living with disabilities, it’s paramount for businesses to prioritize web accessibility for everyone. […]

The Practical Guide to Getting the Most Out of Ghost Inspector

At Ghost Inspector, we pride ourselves on creating tools that simplify the testing process, making it possible for anyone to build a test without coding skills. With our wide-ranging usability options, even our seasoned users sometimes wonder if they’ve fully tapped into Ghost Inspector’s capabilities. So we’ve put together this guide to detail Ghost Inspector’s […]

QA Testing Tips: Are You Testing Assertions Properly?

testing assertions

For QA testers, success boils down to delivering a seamless user experience. And though it may seem like a small step in the software testing process, assertions play an essential role in confirming the accuracy of expected outcomes, validating conditions, and fortifying the overall quality of your codebase. For QA testers running codeless tests, there […]

Why Cantilever Recommends Ghost Inspector to Every Client [Case Study]

Ghost Inspector Cantilever Case Study

Since 2011, Cantilever has provided world-class services in web design & development,  branding, digital product design, and technical consulting to businesses around the globe. With a client base that includes prominent organizations like Esquire, The Bipartisan Policy Center, and The American Cancer Society, Cantilever stands out for its enthusiastic devotion to excellence, equity, and sustainability.  […]

Why Eyefinity Chooses Ghost Inspector Over Every Other Test-Building Software [Case Study]

eyefinity ghost inspector case study

For the past 30 years, Eyefinity has been a leader in cloud-based software and technology tailored to the vision care industry. Eyefinity offers reliable patient care solutions for ophthalmologists and optometrists, with a client base in over 20,000 offices across the US. As a company dedicated to providing the most seamless customer experience for doctor […]

How Geckoboard Uses Ghost Inspector to Keep Thousands of Real-Time Data Dashboards Running Smoothly [Case Study]

Geckoboard case study

Numbers don’t lie, and it’s Geckoboard’s mission to equip data-driven companies with high-quality, real-time KPIs that help motivate teams, gauge performance, and assist in important decision-making. Because of its user-friendly interface and far-reaching data accessibility, Geckoboard boasts a client list in the thousands, including Ticketmaster, Airtable, Loom, and StanleyBlack&Decker.  Meet Mike Harris, QA expert and […]

The QA Tester Guide to the Many Types of Software Testing

types of software testing

Quality Assurance testers play an important role in verifying that company software maintains its functionality and reliability. Because the world of software testing is an expansive one, QA testers should equip themselves with an understanding of which types of software testing will be most relevant to their daily tasks. With so many different types of software testing, […]

The Fool-Proof Guide to Retesting vs Regression Testing

Retesting vs Regression Testing

Because retesting and regression testing have many similarities, it’s easy to get them mixed up. Both are software testing methods used to maintain the usability of a website or web app, and both involve testing your software repeatedly. Thankfully, there are some key differences between the two that are easy to remember when learning how […]

The 7 Best QA Tools for Software Testing in 2023

QA Tools

Consider the following: You go to the Apple Store to pick up the latest iPhone. You get home and turn it on, only to find that the screen is defective, the buttons aren’t working, and every one of the built-in apps is glitching. Thanks to QA tools, this is an extremely unlikely scenario. Before the […]