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“I just want to say thank you to the Ghost Inspector team for creating and maintaining an awesome product. If it wasn’t for your product, my brother and I would be more stressed out and testing would be so much more difficult. In turn, it has made our customers happier and we deploy a lot less bugs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”


Justin Labadie

“I’ve never seen another tool that’s as good at allowing non developers to make really robust tests. We have clients who we recommended Ghost Inspector to, so we implemented it for them, and then they themselves were able to go in and make tests in the future. That’s just a testament to how flexible and easy to use the software is. So, we really recommend it because it has that perfect blend of  power with user friendliness and it’s something that even non developers can get the hang of and get use out of, too.”

Ty Fujimura


“I’d recommend Ghost Inspector to other organizations simply because it’s peace of mind. It’s knowing that you’re releasing software that’s not broken…that has been humongous for us.”

Ben Meredith

“Ghost Inspector can give you the confidence you need to build out your product, to release it all the time, to keep up to date with security patches, to eliminate manual QA, to increase ownership on your teamand to do it without all the pain that often comes with this sort of automation. Their support is great. They’ve been able to help us out when we hit problems, and they respond quickly. The feature set is useful, the price is reasonable, and the number of bugs that it catches up front helps us track down and find out when they happened by looking at historical logs. It’s paying for itself. It’ll probably pay for itself for you too.”

Zac ODonnell


“[When discussing other products with people], I hear nothing but issues, problems, and lots of time going into other tools… and just brittle, breaking tests constantly. So I recommend Ghost to them at all times. I think you’ll be surprised how much you’ll be able to automate your test and move on to the rest of your day job.”

Seth Pearce


“Ghost Inspector is a reliable test automation tool that tests your application through the user interface. It’s something that’s going to develop your testers’ skills. I’ve also always found customer support at Ghost Inspector very helpful when I’ve had a problem. And I think they deserve lots of compliments for that.”

Mike Harris

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