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Ghost Inspector allows anyone on your team to complete end-to-end testing - no coding experience required!

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Ghost Inspector Cypress Browserling BrowserStack Lambdatest Sauce Labs Uptime Robot Tricentis
Free plan
14-day free trial, All premium features are included
28-Day Free Trial, Limited Features
14-day free trial, requires training license
Supported Browsers
Chrome, Firefox
Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Yandex
Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari
Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari
Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari
Browser Extensions
Live Testing
Headless Testing
Automated Testing
Parallel Testing
Every additional parallel test requires an extra monthly cost
Every additional parallel test requires an extra monthly cost
Every additional parallel test requires an extra monthly cost
Allows parallel tests with purchase of multiple DataIntegrityParallelExecution licenses
Accessibility Testing
$125/month- $499/month
$75/month - $300/month,
$19/month - $29+/month
$169/month - $249/month
$15/month - $25/month
$49/month - $249/month
$7 - $828/month
Available upon request
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Why customers prefer Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector lets us easily test our critical user flows from end to end, so we know immediately when something goes wrong!

Pat O’Callaghan, Senior Software Engineer

Ghost Inspector has been a game changer for us. Its simplicity means anyone in our company can easily setup and monitor tests. Additionally, the team there is always very responsive whenever we have any questions.

Peter Sharkey, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

The victory for us is how Ghost Inspector has changed the face of QA in our company. We are beginning to grow what I believe is a QA culture—even our chairman writes Ghost Inspector tests now!

Patrick McKenna, Global Head of Product Engineering

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