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We're passionate about automated testing and strive to make it more approachable everyday.

Ghost Inspector's Story

Ghost Inspector was initially created by long-time developer Justin Klemm and launched in the spring of 2014. The concept started as a side project, but was transitioned into a business when a market need presented itself. You can learn more about the motivation for Ghost Inspector in his "Why Did We Build Ghost Inspector?" post on our blog.

After just a few month of running Ghost Inspector, the service was discovered by the API testing company Runscope in November 2014. An acquisition offer was made and accepted. Justin Klemm continued to manage and grow the Ghost Inspector service under Runscope's ownership through March 2016. At that point, it was decided that Ghost Inspector and Runscope would part ways and Ghost Inspector would once again become an independent company. This happened in April 2016. We continue to work closely with Runscope and offer an official integration.

Ghost Inspector continues to be helmed by Justin Klemm. We're headquartered in Seattle, Washington with a remote (and growing) team around the United States. We're striving everyday to support our customers and make our product better. You can follow our on-going progress via our Changelog.

Ghost Inspector's Team

Justin Klemm

Justin Klemm
Founder & CEO

Renata Santillan

Renata Santillan
Sales & Support Manager

Ghost Inspector, Inc.

Located in WeWork Westlake Tower
1601 5th Ave
Ste 1100
Seattle, WA 98101