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We help QA teams automate their work to catch more problems more quickly

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Our story

Ghost Inspector launched in 2014 with the goal of providing a comprehensive and approachable product for testing websites and web applications using browser automation. Our service ensures that your website is always working as expected and alerts you when something breaks. We achieve this by continually accessing your website with an automated web browser and interacting with it just as a real person would. If your shopping cart isn’t working properly, it can be caught by a Ghost Inspector test instead of a manual QA tester, or worse, a live customer. We expand your quality assurance efforts by automating and scheduling repeatable tests, freeing up your QA team to focus on other things.
Browser automation has been available for years with a plethora of APIs, tools, libraries and services. However, setting up a complete solution means researching and learning a large number of products, then gluing them all together into a complex pipeline. This is a very technical (and frankly, unpleasant) hurdle which often causes teams to shy away from doing this type of very valuable automated testing.
Ghost Inspector provides a single, easy-to-use product that lowers this technical hurdle and allows teams to benefit from end-to-end testing with browser automation. We’re proud of democratizing quality assurance and empowering all team members to take part — which, in some case, has even included CEOs.

Our team

Picture of Justin Klemm

Justin Klemm

Founder & CEO

Justin is the founder of Ghost Inspector. He’s a seasoned engineer with a passion for creating good user experiences. Justin enjoys travel, good eats, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and lots of outdoor activity. He admittedly drinks too much coffee, but hey, it’s Seattle.
Picture of Renata Santillan

Renata Santillan

Senior Operations and Strategy Manager

Renata has spent years in the automated testing world and even longer helping customers. She thrives working at startups wearing different hats and supporting all parts of the business. You can find her exploring her new home in New York City with her husband and dog.
Picture of Aaron Fay

Aaron Fay

Senior Engineer

Aaron has been breaking computers since the time of the TRS-80 and has loved programming ever since. He has a passion for software testing and enjoys playing bluegrass music, as well as gorging on Netflix with his wife on those long, cold Canadian winter nights…
Picture of Brandon Weiss

Brandon Weiss

Senior Engineer

Brandon has been making things on the internet since the days of Neopets. He first fell in love with Ruby and Rails and that has shaped a lot of how he builds software today. He loves working on open-source and surfing. If he’s not out surfing he’s probably thinking about surfing.
Picture of Janette Council

Janette Council

Senior Product Designer

Janette is a designer that likes to code. She’s passionate about simplifying complex data and dedicated to designing intuitive user experiences. In her free time she enjoys making K-pop playlists, binge watching shows, and hanging out with her family in sunny Honolulu.

Ghost Inspector, Inc.

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