Codeless Browser Test Automation

Getting started with automated browser testing can be difficult and requires integrating many tools together. Not with Ghost Inspector. Now anyone can test.

Record tests in your browser

  • Record yourself walking through user journeys on your website and turn them in reproducible tests using our browser extension
  • Capture clicks, assignments, and other common interactions
  • Specify assertions to confirm things are functioning properly throughout the journey
  • Sync your recording to Ghost Inspector and run it as an automated test in the cloud

Maintain tests with our codeless editor

Painless maintenance is the key to successful, on-going testing. Our intuitive editor makes it a cinch to adjust test steps as your website or application changes — no coding required.

Add, remove & reorder

Add new steps, remove old ones and quickly reorder steps with drag-and-drop


Perform all the same actions as a user: Click, assign, drag-and-drop and more

JavaScript & conditions

JavaScript steps let you code custom logic and handle complex situations

CSS & XPath selectors

CSS & XPath for targeting elements with backup selectors for self-healing


Ensure tests are progressing as expected by asserting URLs, text and more

Reusable modules

Store repeated step sequences in one place as importable modules
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Browsers, screen sizes & geolocations


Run your tests with various versions of Chrome and Firefox, with more browsers on the way.

Screen Sizes

A wide range of screen sizes are available including mobile and tablet for testing responsive designs.


Run your tests from over 16 data centers around the world. Your test run will use a local IP address from that region.

Flexible scheduling for continuous monitoring and alerting

Interval Scheduling

Schedule your tests to run on set intervals, as often as every minute. Get notified immediately when a test fails.

Specific Days & times

Want to run tests at very specific times? Select days and times with precision down to the minute.

Automatic visual testing

Screenshot Comparison

In addition to functional testing, Ghost Inspector checks for visual regressions. Screenshots are taken at the end of every test run and compared with the previous baseline to detect changes.

Tolerance, Targeting & Exclusions

Choose to capture screenshots of specific portions of the page only. Adjust comparison sensitivity and hide dynamic elements that are known to change on each page load.

Parallel testing by default

We want you to be able to test as efficiently as possible. That’s why we’ve built Ghost Inspector to run your tests in parallel by default. Other providers charge per concurrent test run. Not Ghost Inspector. We run all your tests alongside each other.

Ultra fast & cost effective

Don’t pay 10x the price to run 10 tests a time. Don’t waste hours waiting for your tests to run one-by-one. All of our plans include parallel test running.

Strong, Independent Test Design

Parallel testing encourages good, single-purpose test design so you know exactly what’s failing. Need sequential testing? It’s available as an option.

Accessibility Testing

Any page, any time

Add accessibility checks to any page or screen throughout your automated tests, as often as you'd like. Detect and address accessibility violations on your website with detailed reporting.

WCAG Standard

Our accessibility checks follow the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in order to help you achieve and maintain the highest level of standards compliance.

Looking for more?

Take a look at our advanced features for experienced testers or jump into our documentation.