An all-in-one testing solution for everyone

QA Testers

Quality assurance is a big job. Save yourself the repetition of manually checking the same portions of your website over and over again.
  • No more repetitive manual testing
  • Create, maintain and run tests all in one place
  • Fix bugs for good with permanent test coverage


Don’t spend weeks gluing together various tools and scripts. Our all-in-one solution provides the testing features you want with none of the hassle.
  • Avoid the frustration of combining multiple tools
  • Say goodbye to brittle tests with smart logic
  • Lighten your QA workload with help from everyone

Product Managers

You’re responsible for the product. Make sure it’s working. Empower your team with a comprehensive testing solution that everyone can use.
  • Testing that’s approachable for all team members
  • Get alerted immediately when things break
  • Catch bugs before your customers encounter them

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Features that fit your needs

If you’re new to browser automation or QA testing in general, don’t worry. We’ve made Ghost Inspector approachable for complete beginners. If you’re a seasoned engineer, we’ve got the power and flexibility to fit into your workflow too.
Simple codeless test automation
Robust features for experienced users
Ghost Inspector has been a game changer for our release process. We're able to automatically test complex user flows within our web app both on a scheduled basis in production as well as before and after every release. It gives our team a much higher level of confidence to release more frequently!
Austin Wang, Co-founder
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