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Easily create automated browser tests for your websites and web applications.
Ensure everything works and looks the way it should. No coding required.

Automated browser testing

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A complete end-to-end testing solution

Ghost Inspector makes automated browser testing for websites and web apps easier — but we haven’t skimped on powerful features. Whether you’re new to QA testing or a seasoned test engineer, we give you a versatile set of tools to achieve your quality assurance goals.

Simple codeless test

Getting started with automated browser testing can be difficult and requires integrating many tools together. Not with Ghost Inspector. Now anyone can test.

Advanced features for experienced testers

Experienced with Selenium or Cypress? Explore our features that go beyond the recorder. Test complex edge cases with JavaScript and tie into CI pipelines.

Web Test Recorder

Save hours of writing Selenium tests with our web test recorder. Capture user flows right in your browser. Turn manual testing into reusable automated tests that can run continuously.

Codeless Test Editor

Our no-code / low-code editor makes it simple to build and maintain your automated tests. Specify actions and assertions for your browser test to carry out. Adjust CSS or XPath selectors. Define JavaScript, variables, conditions, reusable modules and more!

If anything breaks, you’ll be the first to know

Schedule Tests Anytime

Monitor your website or web app by running your automated browser tests on a schedule. Define intervals or specific days and times. Ghost Inspector will continuously monitor the functionality of your website.

Alerts, Integrations & API

Get notified immediately when a test fails through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub and many other services. Our detailed reporting with screenshots and video show you exactly what’s broken.

Ensure everything looks visually correct

Visual Testing

Ensure your website looks the way it should with visual testing. Screenshots are captured during every test run and compared with a baseline to detect visual regressions.

Cross-Browser & Responsive

Run end-to-end tests using different web browsers and screen sizes, including mobile and tablet views. Our combination of cross-browser testing and responsive testing lets you cover every scenario.

Start testing today

Our 14 day free trial gives you and your team full access. Create tests in minutes. No credit card required.

Why choose Ghost Inspector?


Save resources now that anyone can record and schedule their own tests. Empower your whole team to take part in quality assurance.


By monitoring your website, Ghost Inspector ensures you never lose a customer because of a broken buy button or buggy sign-up form.


Our all-in-one solution saves you hours a day of manual testing. Spend time focusing on your product instead of your tests.

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what our customers are saying

Ghost Inspector lets us easily test our critical user flows from end to end, so we know immediately when something goes wrong!

Pat O’Callaghan, Senior Software Engineer

Ghost Inspector has been a game changer for us. Its simplicity means anyone in our company can easily setup and monitor tests. Additionally, the team there is always very responsive whenever we have any questions.

Peter Sharkey, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

The victory for us is how Ghost Inspector has changed the face of QA in our company. We are beginning to grow what I believe is a QA culture—even our chairman writes Ghost Inspector tests now!

Patrick McKenna, Global Head of Product Engineering


Getting started

Everything you need to know to get setup with Ghost Inspector and run your first automated test


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