QA Testers

Ghost Inspector boosts productivity for QA Testers with easy, codeless test automation.
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QA Testers

No More Repetitive Manual Testing

Speed up workflows and take the monotony out of Quality Assurance with automated web testing. 

Free up the time you’d spend manually checking website sections over and over, so you can meet tight deadlines with efficiency!

Create, Maintain, and Run QA Tests All in One Place

No need to waste time experimenting with an assortment of expensive web tools and resources. Ghost Inspector’s all-inclusive test automation software offers numerous easy-to-integrate features that help QA Testers get the job done fast.

run automated QA tests

Fix Bugs for Good with Permanent Test Coverage

Find and solve problems quickly before they can affect your site. Ghost Inspector’s comprehensive testing features cover a wide scenario of test cases, so QA Testers can save time and money while boosting test accuracy and consistency! 

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Our 14 day free trial gives you and your team full access. Create tests in minutes. No credit card required.

QA testing features

Features that fit your QA team needs

If you’re just starting out with browser automation or QA testing, we’ve got your back. Ghost Inspect was designed to be accessible to even total beginners. Whether you’re an experienced engineer or new to Quality Assurance, our extensive features are suited to coding novices and experts alike!


Robust features for experienced testers



Ghost Inspector has been a game changer for our release process. We’re able to automatically test complex user flows within our web app both on a scheduled basis in production as well as before and after every release. It gives our team a much higher level of confidence to release more frequently!

Austin Wang, Co-founder

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