Automated WordPress Testing
with Ghost Inspector

The easiest way to test your WordPress site. Ensure basic functionality is always working, your site looks how it should, and plugins aren’t causing things to break. No coding required.

Wordpress testing

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A straight-forward way to test your WordPress site

Codeless Frontend & Backend Testing

Set up automated front-end tests to check the parts of your site that visitors are interacting with everyday, like your homepage, search functions, and contact forms. 

You can also have Ghost Inspector test back-end, admin panel functions like publishing a blog post or landing page.

Wordpress Frontend and Backend Testing
Testing WordPress operations

Web Test Recorder

Simply record yourself walking through important user journeys or backend functions with our Web Test Recorder, and Ghost Inspector will turn those recordings into reusable browser tests

Make sure plugins aren't crashing your site

Wordpress plugin testing

WordPress Plugin Testing

Ensure your plugins aren’t creating issues and bugs on your site with Ghost Inspector plugin testing. Whether you’ve created your own plugin or want to test one that’s been activated on your site, Ghost Inspector makes it super easy to make sure features from plugins are working properly.

Install our Native Ghost Inspector Plugin

Activate our Wordpress testing plugin on your site to get visibility into your tests directly from your WordPress dashboard. You can see which tests have failed so you can address bugs right away.

Ghost Inspector WordPress Testing Plugin

Identify design or layout issues immediately

WordPress Visual Regression Testing

There’s nothing worse than making a change to your website that messes with the layout and design of a page. Ghost Inspector’s screenshot comparison tool allows you to easily automate visual regression testing so you can ensure everything looks the way it should when you make website changes.

Wordpress testing for visual regression
Responsive browser testing with WordPress

Cross-Browser & Responsive WordPress Testing

Set up automated WordPress tests to check how your site looks and works on different browsers, screen sizes, and geographies to ensure things are working properly no matter what.

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