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Record and run automated browser tests for your websites and web apps from the cloud.
Catch bugs before they hit your live site. No coding required.

Browser Testing

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A codeless solution to browser testing

Ghost Inspector’s intuitive interface makes it incredibly easy for anyone to set up browser testing, from QA newbies to engineers to product managers. Keep your website thoroughly tested without ever having to touch a single line of code!

Simple browser testing automation

Ghost Inspector takes the complexity out of automated browser testing. Anyone on your team can easily set up tests, no coding experience necessary. 

Codeless Browser Testing

Powerful & advanced features

If you’re an engineer or experienced tester looking for a more robust set of tools, Ghost Inspector is a match for you, too. We have JavaScript support, CI integration, and data-driven testing. 

Easy to use so you can start testing faster

Web Test Recorder

Our web test recorder eliminates the need for tedious manual tests. Simply record yourself running through user flows on your website or app, and Ghost Inspector will turn them into automated tests.

Recording Browser Tests
Test Editor

No-Code Test Editor

With our easy-to use, no code editor you can build and maintain automated tests for your browser based applications. You can set up actions and assertions, as well as adjust CSS or XPath selectors and more.

Get notified immediately if anything breaks

Schedule Browser Tests

Schedule Tests Anytime

Make sure your site or app are always working by setting up a schedule with specific days and times that you want to run your tests. 

Alerts, Integrations & API

Ghost Inspector works alongside your favorite apps to notify you as soon as a test fails. Connect your testing account to Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub and more and receive  detailed notifications when something goes wrong.

Ghost Inspector Integrations

Detect & fix unexpected changes with visual testing

Visual Testing

Ghost Inspector will run visual testing on your site or app by capturing screenshots during every test. If there are any differences compared to the baseline, you’ll be notified. 

Visual Browser Testing
Responsive Browser Testing

Cross-Browser & Responsive

Test your site or app on multiple browsers, screen sizes, and geolocations to ensure it’s working properly for everyone, in every situation.

Start browser testing today

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