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Create and run automated browser tests for your website and web app front-ends.
Ensure proper functionality for your customers' user experience. Codeless automation in minutes!

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Automate your front-end testing strategy for websites and web applications. Whether you’re new to QA testing or an expert test engineer, our powerful software equips you with a variety of tools to help achieve your quality assurance goals.

Comprehensive automated browser testing​

If you’re looking to bridge the gap between manual and automated testing, Ghost Inspector’s low-code/no code testing automation provides the tools your team needs.

Front end testing

Advanced testing suite features​

Experienced with Selenium or Cypress? Furnish your expert developers with more complex testing capabilities with JavaScript and tie-in to CI pipelines.

Easily Create and Schedule Reusable Tests

Record user flows in-browser and turn them into automated tests that run on a continuous schedule. Choose intervals or specific weekdays and times for Ghost Inspector to run functional testing. 

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User-Friendly Test Building and Editing

Our straightforward no-code / low-code test editor can be utilized with or without coding knowledge. Easily build and maintain automated tests, specify actions and assertions, and adjust CSS or XPath selectors. Determine JavaScript, variables, conditions, reusable modules, and more!

Identify subtle bugs before they can
affect your user experience

Frontend backend testing

No More Manual Testing

Eliminate the need to test manually with Ghost Inspector’s complete front-end and back-end testing options. Get back hours in your work week by utilizing our robust testing automation.

Alerts, Integrations & API

Ghost Inspector’s multiple integrations allow for notifications to be sent immediately through multiple platforms when a test fails. Receive test results through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub and many other services. 

Keep track of test outcomes through Ghost Inspector’s detailed report features, complete with screenshots and video of your test execution.

Detect visual flaws quickly and easily​

Visual Regression Testing​

Employ visual testing to verify website or web application image accuracy. Screenshots taken during each test run are compared with your baseline to ensure that no issues have appeared. 

Front end test automation
Front testing cross-browser

Cross-Browser & Responsive

Run your complete front end testing plan through a variety of web browsers and screen sizes, including mobile and tablet view formats. Our combination of cross-browser testing and responsive testing helps ensure usability and accessibility across all platforms.

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