Automated WooCommerce Testing

Easily automate the testing process for your WordPress WooCommerce site.
Build and maintain browser tests that keep your online store running smoothly. No coding skills required.

WooCommerce testing

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Simple, Effective WooCommerce Website Testing

Automate in-browser tests for one of the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins on the internet. Use the web test recorder to click through user flows on your store site. Record and run automated tests that can be reused continuously.

automated WooCommerce testing
Run WooCommerce Testing

Advanced Testing Features for Custom Test Cases

Our no-code / low-code test editor allows both novice and expert QA engineers to build and maintain eCommerce store web tests with ease. Easily add, remove, and reorder actions with the drag-and-drop feature. 

More proficient coders can specify actions and assertions, adjust CSS or XPath selectors, code custom logic with JavaScript, and more!

Never lose out on a sale from a bug or glitch

Build Woocommerce tests

Test Your Store Plugin Anytime

Schedule WooCommerce store browser tests to automatically run in intervals or specific days and times. Ghost Inspector runs defense on your online store, so you can catch any issues before they can cause problems. 

Alerts, Integrations & API

If a problem arises, notifications are delivered immediately through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub and many other service integrations. Test reports lay out the exact details on any failures with screenshots and video footage, so you can get things fixed as quickly as possible.

Ghost Inspector Woocommerce testing

Keep your WooCommerce shop visuals looking
the way they should

Automated Visual Testing

Maintain visual consistency on your website with visual testing. Each test includes screenshots captured during its run, which get compared with your site baseline to identify any visual regressions.

visual woocommerce testing
end-to-end woocommerce testing

End-to-End WooCommerce Store Testing

Comprehensive cross-browser and responsive testing capabilities allow you to test on different web browsers and screen sizes, including on mobile and tablet. Automate E2E testing, so you can spend your time focusing on running your business. 

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