GruntJS Plugin for Ghost Inspector

GruntJS Plugin for Ghost Inspector Automated Browster Testing

We just released a new Ghost Inspector plugin for GruntJS called grunt-ghost-inspector. Grunt is a JavaScript task runner that’s often used for building projects and related processes. Our simple plugin lets you execute your Ghost Inspector tests and suites from within Grunt. This makes it easy to automatically trigger tests. For instance, you could run a suite of […]

We’re now recording video of all tests!

Cross Browser Test Recorder

We launched a huge new feature over the weekend that we thought was worthy of a blog post: Video! We’re now recording video of all your test runs. This is available to all account tiers. As long as you perform at lease one operation during your test, video will be recorded. It’s accessible via the […]

Tips for Making CasperJS Tests More Reliable

— a powerful open source navigation scripting & testing utility. Over the past 6 months we’ve learned a ton about what it takes to make CasperJS tests as reliable as possible. Because Ghost Inspector doesn’t specifically know anything about the websites we’re testing, we’ve added lots of logic to account for delays, anomalies and other […]

Webcast — PhantomJS, CasperJS, Screenshot Comparison and Ghost Inspector

  Last night I had the privilege of presenting a webcast to the NYC Metro Selenium Users Meetup. I’m happy to report that over 80 people tuned in for the presentation on PhantomJS, CasperJS, screenshot comparison tools — and of course — Ghost Inspector. You can find the video and slides for the presentation below.  

Regex for Validating the HTML id Attribute

When we initially started building our test recorder, we needed a way to validate the id attributes being used on the page. We would sometimes capture an id attribute in a recording, only to find that it failed when we used it in a test, because it didn’t meet specification. For instance, sometimes websites would use […]

Why Did We Build Ghost Inspector?

Easily create automated browser tests for your websites and web applications.

For our first blog post, I wanted to elaborate on why we built Ghost Inspector. The simple answer is to meet, not just one, but two needs that we see when it comes to ensuring your website is online and functioning. You’ll notice in the video demo that we call Ghost Inspector an “automated website testing and monitoring tool.” […]