GruntJS Plugin for Ghost Inspector

We just released a new Ghost Inspector plugin for GruntJS called grunt-ghost-inspector. Grunt is a JavaScript task runner that’s often used for building projects and related processes. Our simple plugin lets you execute your Ghost Inspector tests and suites from within Grunt. This makes it easy to automatically trigger tests. For instance, you could run a suite of tests on your staging server immediately after your build process is done. Or, on your production server immediately after you deploy.

Once you add the plugin to your Grunt configuration, you can easily specify which suites and/or tests to execute:

  ghostinspector: {
    options: {
      apiKey: 'api-key',  // The API key for your Ghost Inspector account
    production: {
      suites: ['suite-id-1', 'suite-id-2', ...],  // The IDs of any suites to execute
      tests: ['test-id-1', 'test-id-2', ...]  // The IDs of any tests to execute
    staging: {
      tests: ['test-id-1', 'test-id-2', ...],
      options: {
        startUrl: ''  // Override the tests' start URL

For full details, visit the GitHub repo or the NPM package page.

Justin Klemm

Author: Justin Klemm

Justin is the founder and tech lead at Ghost Inspector. He's a seasoned developer with a passion for innovation. When he's not tinkering with the latest web frameworks, Justin enjoys world traveling, good eats and lots of outdoor activity.

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