Understanding the Benefits of Continuous Integration

continuous integration

In the world of software development, there is an ever-growing need for agility and speed. With competitive markets and constantly evolving user needs, organizations can’t afford to waste time on the development cycle. This is where Continuous Integration (CI) comes in as an essential tool for modern software development practices. What is Continuous Integration? Continuous […]

How to Automate Geolocation Testing

Geolocation Testing

Are you a QA tester grappling with the challenge of making sure geolocation testing is reliable and efficient? If so, then you’re in the right place. Geolocation testing is an important process for anyone dealing with applications or services that rely on location information from users around the world. In this blog post, we’ll explore […]

Mastering Test Automation with Command Line Interface + A Free CLI Cheatsheet!

Ghost Inspector CLI Cheatsheet

At Ghost Inspector, we are passionate about empowering our users with testing solutions that ensure everything on your website or app works and looks the way it should. Our Command Line Interface (CLI) is one of those solutions, allowing you to simplify the process of scripting interactions with the Ghost Inspector API.  Set up automated browser testing with […]

How Ghost Inspector ‘Transformed’ StellarWP’s QA Processes [Case Study]

Stellar WP Ghost Inspector

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, delivering reliable software products is crucial for businesses to maintain customer satisfaction and trust. This is especially true for WordPress brands like GiveWP, a prominent donation platform, and StellarWP, a collective of WordPress-related products. For Ben Meredith and his team, ensuring quality assurance became a challenging task. Enter Ghost Inspector! […]

How EnergyCAP Automated 3,600 Daily Test Runs with Ghost Inspector [Case Study]

Energycap case study

Introducing Zac ODonnell, the Manager of Software Engineering at EnergyCAP, who shares his testimonial on how Ghost Inspector has revolutionized their development process. EnergyCAP helps businesses effectively manage energy usage, utility bills, and carbon footprint while achieving substantial savings. However, they faced challenges in keeping their product running smoothly amid frequent changes and security patches. Enter […]

Introducing our New Feature, Explicit Window Targeting

Explicit window targeting

We’re excited to introduce a new (and much requested!) feature to the Ghost Inspector community: Explicit Window Targeting. Now you have the power to specifically target which window or tab you want to focus on during your test steps. Usually, when you use a CSS selector in your test, Ghost Inspector’s test runners go through all […]

Why Automation Testing is Essential for Effective Quality Assurance

Automation Testing

We recently wrote a post about Test Automation Best Practices, but we think this topic deserves a deeper dive for those who might be curious about the basics of automation testing, how it can transform your QA process, and how to get started with a tool like Ghost Inspector. Let’s start by understanding what it […]

The 7 Best UI Testing Tools for Testing Automation

UI Testing Tools

Usability is critical for the success of any website or web application. To make sure your web-based project is bug-free, you need to run UI tests, many of which can—and should—be automated. Doing so lets you detect issues like bugs, slow loading times, or poor responsiveness so you can fix them before they make a […]