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Automate the UI testing process for your websites and web applications.
Certify functionality and accuracy across devices. No coding skills necessary!

UI Testing

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Make sure every UI component is in working order

Detailed User Interface Testing

No need to build test code from scratch with Ghost Inspector. Instead, just use our web test recorder to record user flows in-browser. Transform a series of page clicks into automated, reusable tests. Perfect for a busy Quality Assurance team! 

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Edit UI Tests Quickly and Easily

Build and maintain your test automation framework with our no-code / low-code test editor. Whether your QA team is new to web UI testing or you have a team of expert software engineers, Ghost Inspector is the right choice for those looking for both simple and advanced testing tool features.

Speed up your workflow with UI test automation

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Schedule Tests Anytime

Create an automated UI testing schedule and maintain quality assurance 24/7. Define intervals or specific days and times for continuous testing. 

To ensure visual consistency, each automated test captures screenshots and compares them with a baseline to detect visual regressions.

Alerts, Integrations & API Testing

Whenever a test fails, get up-to-the-minute notifications through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub and many other integrations. Use our detailed reports (complete with screenshots and video) to quickly identify and fix any issues. 

GUI testing

Guarantee an error-free user experience

Keep the Bugs Away from Your User Interface

Perform a wide variety of automated UI tests, including GUI testing, Regression testing, Functional Testing, Accessibility Testing, and more! Ensure that each visual and UI element stays intact.

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Cross-Browser & Responsive Testing

Run comprehensive UI testing on different web browsers and screen sizes, including through mobile and tablet. Combined cross-browser and responsive testing capabilities allow you to address every test scenario.

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