A Powerful Alternative to Selenium Testing

Give your team the codeless substitute for Selenium automation testing.
Build and run automated browser tests for websites and web apps, no coding skills necessary.

Selenium testing

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Make End-to-End Testing Simple

Ghost Inspector provides extensive automated testing options for testing novices and experts alike. Testers without coding knowledge can utilize our no-code tools for fast, easy test building.
And for the experienced tester, Ghost Inspector offers advanced features for navigating more complex test cases.

Code-free tester tools

Want to test your website or web app but don’t know how to code? We’ve got your back! With Ghost Inspector, any member of your team can record and run automated browser tests with ease.

Advanced coding for software engineers

Looking for more sophisticated tools akin to Selenium and Cypress? Check out our extensive features for more seasoned testers. Run your own Javascript code, tie into CI pipelines, complete data-driven tests, and more!

The flexible, accessible solution to efficient testing

Record and Run Automated Web Tests

Forget writing and running tests manually! With our web test recorder, QA teams can easily build tests by clicking through customer journeys and saving them in-browser. Hours of manual testing transformed into minutes with Ghost Inspector’s reusable testing framework!

automated Selenium testing
create Selenium tests

Easy Test Editing and Maintenance

Use the no-code / low-code test editor to apply quick changes to automated tests. Make simple edits with the drag-and-drop sequence tool or get more in-depth with JavaScript, variables, conditions, reusable modules, and more!

Fill in the testing gap when you don't speak the programming language

schedule Selenium tests

Schedule Test Automation with Ease

Create a test schedule, so you can monitor your website or web application around the clock. Determine your test cycle by intervals, days, and times. Keep an eye on your web presence 24/7, without having to check in manually. 

Alerts, Integrations & API Testing

If a test fails, get immediate notification via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub and many other services. Alerts include a detailed breakdown of the problem, complete with screenshots and video content, so you can get up and running again as fast as possible.

build Selenium tests

Robust Selenium-like testing without
writing code from scratch

Visual Testing

Oversee website and web application visual changes with Ghost Inspector’s screenshot comparison testing tool. Adjust sensitivity and hide dynamic elements that change upon loading for more keen visual regression detection.

Selenium testing alternative
codeless Selenium tests

Dynamic UI Testing Capabilities

Ghost Inspector offers automated cross-browser and responsive testing to guarantee peak performance across a variety of web browsers and screen sizes, including on mobile and tablet. 

Ensure overall functionality with automated performance testing that matches developer-made Selenium test automation. 

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