Sanity Testing for Websites & Apps

Perform automated browser-based sanity testing. Identify missing functionalities and
ensure updated components are working right. No coding needed.

sanity testing

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Automatically test web changes,
so no mistakes can slip by

Automate Your Sanity Testing Process

Looking for a way to confirm critical functionality on your website or web app? Use our web test recorder to quickly turn a manual test process into an automated one. Create a test in-browser by clicking through your site or app. Then, easily save and reuse tests over and over again. 

automated sanity testing
automated sanity tests

Easily Edit and Maintain Sanity Tests

Use our no-code / low-code test editor to build and maintain automated sanity tests. With the simple drag-and-drop function, you can quickly change a test to fit any changes to your site or app. 

Give your team the keys to efficient quality assurance with automation testing

ghost inspector sanity testing

Run a Sanity Check Anytime

Schedule browser tests whenever you need them. Choose intervals or specific days and times for Ghost Inspector to run testing on your website functionality.

Alerts, Integrations & API

Receive notifications right away whenever a test fails. Alerts arrive through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub and many other services. Our detailed reporting with screenshots and video shows you the problem quickly, so you can get things fixed before users get interrupted.

Ensure you've fixed what needs fixing

Thorough Testing Capabilities

Alongside automated sanity testing, Ghost Inspector offers other rigorous testing tools. From a simple unit test to complete end-to-end testing, Ghost Inspector equips your QA testing team with detailed web app and website testing services.

Sanity testing with ghost inspector

Cross-Browser & Responsive

Run functionality tests for different web browsers and screen sizes, including for mobile and tablet. Employ cross-browser testing and responsive testing to verify functionality across multiple programs and devices.

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