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“The amount of time Ghost Inspector SAVES you when you are recording and writing your tests is amazing.”

Do 1000s of hours of automated QA testing each month — without hiring more testers

Here's how much you'll save with Ghost Inspector's unlimited parallel testing feature...

Ghost Inspector Testing 1 Full-Time QA Tester BrowserStack LambdaTest Rainforest QA
1 parallel test ---- $109/mo
$70,000+ per year
1 parallel test ---- $199/mo
1 parallel test ---- $128/mo
1 parallel test ---- *not public*
10 parallel tests ---- $109/mo
$70,000+ per year
10 parallel tests ---- $999+/mo
10 parallel tests ---- $1,755/mo
10 parallel tests ---- *not public*
20 parallel tests ---- $109/mo
$70,000+ per year
20 parallel tests ---- $999+/mo
20 parallel tests ---- $3,510/mo
20 parallel tests ---- *not public*
25+ parallel tests ---- $109/mo
$70,000+ per year
25+ parallel tests ---- $999+/mo
25+ parallel tests ---- $4,000+/mo
25+ parallel tests ---- *not public*

...run unlimited parallel tests on any Ghost Inspector plan, without extra fees!

“What is parallel testing?” 

It’s the process of running multiple tests at the exact same time, fully automated. 

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