Create & Schedule Fully Automated QA Tests In Minutes without Code

Build an army of QA testers with automated, no-code tests that anyone can create & schedule in minutes.

✅ Anyone Can Create Complex Tests

Test complex user journeys without writing a single line of code.

✅ Set Up Tests In Less Than 5 Mins (Even With 100+ Steps)

Easily test web apps, checkouts, coupons, and more!

✅ Instant Notifications & Detailed Bug Reports

Get automated reports with all the details you need to fix bugs fast.

14-Day Free Trial. Run Your First Test In Minutes.

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Record A Test Once, Run It Forever

Schedule tests for any interval on Ghost Inspector’s servers.


Automate Your QA Testing Process With Just One Tool

Test all variables and get detailed reports to fix any bug.


Keeps Your Site Fast, Even With Multiple Tests Running At The Same Time

Find bugs faster without hurting site performance.  

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Every New Update & Feature Needs
100+ Hours of Bug Testing

Even if you use automation tools, you can’t build complex tests.
So your team still needs to find most bugs manually.

How much more could you release if it weren’t so expensive?

Other Testing Methods


Ghost Inspector Testing
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QA Testers Can Only Debug Simple User Flows

❌ You can’t test an entire app or site
❌ Testing complex scenarios is a pain

Building Your Own Testing Solution Takes Ages

❌ It’s nearly impossible to build complex tests
❌ It’s expensive to maintain

“Watch Me Make A (Fully Automated) 50-Step Test In Less Than 2 Minutes”

Quickly set up the same tests that used to take hours to build.

Test any user flow by simply recording it with the browser extension. 
Ghost Inspector does the rest for you.

✅ Test multiple browsers, geographies, environments, and user flows

✅ No coding required

✅ Accurate results, without false negatives


Here’s How Anyone Can Create
Automated Browser Tests In Minutes

Test anything with just a tenth of the work — without code!

The tool can be used by anyone, from non-technical employees to experienced developers.

JJ S. QA Manager

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Step #1  

Record Any User Flow Using The Browser Extension

Simply act as a user going through your application. No custom code needed.

Select the variables you want to test browsers, devices, geolocations, and more!

Schedule tests for specific dates, times, or intervals (every minute, hour, day, or week)

Run multiple tests in parallel – No need to wait before a test is finished run tests simultaneously to develop faster.

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“How much does Ghost Inspector slow down my site?”

It’ll keep your site fast, even with 100+ tests at the exact same time! 


We Run All Tests On Our Servers,

So You Can Schedule Tests For Any Minute, Hour, Day, Or Even 24/7


Just record a test and select the time. Our testers do the rest.

Step #2  

Get Notified Instantly When Ghost Inspector Finds A Bug

Ghost Inspector creates a detailed report with everything you need to fix bugs quickly.

“80% of the time spent fixing bugs is finding where the problem is”

✅ Get the bug’s URL and screenshot 

✅ Instantly know the device and browser where the bug happened 

✅ Get notified on Slack, GitHub, Jira, and more…


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It Takes 2 Mins To Create An Automated Test Worth 

1000s Of QA Testing Hours

   Just record a test and select the time. Our testers do the rest.

Prevent eCommerce Checkout Issues

We do over 130+ tests daily to ensure nothing has gone wrong.”

– Ignacio G –


Record 50+ Step Tests In Minutes

Need a test to check your contact us page? 30 minutes tops.”


  – Dustin T –


Debug Complex Web Apps, Code Free

“Saving countless QA hours and expense.


– Adam C –

Step #3  

Find Bugs When You Push New Code

Trigger all your automated Ghost Inspector tests every time you push new code into your repository.

Test user flows with Ghost Inspector’s API, so you can ensure a smooth user experience.

✅ Find bugs before customers do

✅ Integrates with 25+ dev tools

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US & Canada Support That Solves Any Issue Fast

Get help
from the engineers building Ghost Inspector. Even if it means writing custom code, we’ll stop at nothing to make sure your questions or issues are addressed.

The team is super engaged, supportive,

and responsive.”

Dave Director of Systems Integration

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Integrate With Your Dev Team’s Favorite Tools

Build custom deployment systems to streamline your QA testing process.

Integrate with over 25+ popular dev tools with easy step-by-step tutorials.


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1500+ Companies Are Automating Complex Tests

With Ghost Inspector

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