Webinar: Getting the most out of Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector is an automated web testing tool that helps QA testers and engineers to easily build, edit, and run low-code/no-code web tests. Start a free trial.
Webinar: Getting the most out of Ghost Inspector automated browser testing
This webinar took place on June 24th, 2021. Watch the full video recording below.

Here at Ghost Inspector even some of our power users will ask, “Am I using Ghost Inspector to its full potential?” Maybe Ghost Inspector is so easy to use that sometimes it can feel like it’s too easy? Join us for this webinar on June 24th where our founder Justin Klemm will be covering advanced use cases and best practices when it comes to getting the most out of Ghost Inspector. We’ll cover nooks and crannies of our features that you may have missed and help unlock Ghost Inspector to the max!

We’ll also be joined by Autumn Bruno from JDA Solutions, one of our Preferred Partners, to present how JDA Solutions helps many Ghost Inspector customers get the most out of their subscription with their professional QA services.

Topics covered:

  • Importing tests
  • Running tests with multiple browsers, screen sizes & geolocations
  • Variables
  • Data driven testing & environments
  • Sequential testing
  • Local tunneling
  • CLI (command line) tool

More on our Speakers

Justin Klemm
Founder & CEO of Ghost Inspector
Justin Klemm is the founder and CEO of Ghost Inspector. He’s a seasoned engineer with a passion for creating good user experiences and is particularly interested in automated testing.

Autumn Bruno
Chief Operating Officer of JDA Solutions
Autumn has grown from an entry level QA position to COO, honing her skills to become experienced in all things QA. With experience ranging across industries: from legal to healthcare to massive referral marketing to teleconferencing, she quickly fits into any project. She manages day-to-day operations, jumps in to do manual and automation work, and provides best practices, which displays the versatility that is needed in the startup sector. She excels in creating new processes, streamlining existing workflows, and establishing documentation and reporting as regular practices.

Webinar video recording