Spooktacular Customer Appreciation Month

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Spooktacular Customer Appreciation Month

With a name like Ghost Inspector, you know we take Halloween seriously. This year we’re finally embracing our spooky spirits and celebrating in style, welcome to our first annual SPOOKTACULAR CUSTOMER APPRECATION MONTH!

Customer Spotlights

Follow us on our social media channels every Friday through the month of October as we conjure up some of our loyal customers and pay tribute to our ghostly users. Could you be one of them?

Webinar and After Party

Halloween week we’ll be hosting a special webinar “WordPress Witchcraft: How to Test Your CMS” with Ghost Inspector founder Justin Klemm. Stick around after the presentation and Q&A’s for some GIVEAWAYS and a live chat with our team. Let me consult my ouija board for a hint on what we might be handing out to some lucky attendees… G.O.L.D.B.E.L.L.Y.? Hmmm… well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what it all means! Keep an eye out for our webinar blog post with more information out later this month.

On behalf of all of us at Ghost Inspector we sincerely thank you for being one of our users and supporting our product. We hope you have a spooky good time this season!