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Test websites in-browser without any coding knowledge.
Easily automate website testing and keep everything running smoothly 24/7.

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Give your website testers the keys to efficient testing

Ghost Inspector provides comprehensive automated website testing, making it easy for every member of your QA team to record and run web tests.

With its advanced features and many integrations, Ghost Inspector helps you catch bugs quickly and ensures a top-notch user experience.

Straightforward Website Testing Automation

 Creating tests from scratch is both challenging and time-consuming. Ghost Inspector provides you with easy codeless web testing tools, so you can record and run tests easily without coding skills.

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Advanced Testing Capabilities for Experienced QA Engineers

For more proficient web testers, Ghost Inspector offers advanced end-to-end testing features. For complex edge cases, testers can utilize JavaScript code in the context of the browser, as well as tie into CI pipelines.

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Create Tests in a Few Clicks

Use our web test recorder to capture user journeys in your browser and turn them into reproducible tests. Give everyone on your team the ability to build QA tests quickly and easily. 

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Ghost Inspector Website Testing

Easy Drag-and-Drop Test Maintenance

Easily edit and maintain tests with our no-code / low-code test editor, which allows you adjust test sequencing through a simple drag-and-drop order system. 

Testers can also use Javascript to code custom logic, specify actions and assertions, and more! 

Continuous testing so you can keep things up and running smoothly

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"Set It and Forget It" Testing Automation

Keep a sharp eye on your website or web app with continuous automated testing. Choose whether tests run through scheduled intervals or on specific days and times. 

With Ghost Inspector’s scheduler, you don’t have to spend any time manually monitoring your website or web app. 

Alerts, Integrations & API Testing

Find out right away when a test fails. Notifications are sent immediately using our integrations through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub and many other services. 

Test reports include web screenshots and video to help you pinpoint the problem. 

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Maintain website and web app design through precise visual testing

Visual Web Testing

Keep your website and web app visuals error-free with our vigilant visual testing. Ghost Inspector captures screenshots during each test run and compares them with your baseline to catch any visual regressions.

visual web testing
cross-browser and responsive web testing

Robust Cross-Browser & Responsive Testing

Run end-to-end testing on a variety of web browsers and screen sizes, including mobile and tablet formats. With both cross-browser testing and responsive testing, Ghost Inspector helps you manage advanced test cases.

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