WebDriver Testing Simplified

Build and run automated browser-based WebDriver tests for your websites and web apps.
Optimize your automated testing process and catch bugs more quickly with this all-inclusive testing team.

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Build Efficient, Reusable Tests

Record and run automated tests easily with Ghost Inspector and WebDriver on your side. Use our web test recorder to capture user flows in-browser that can be turned into continuous automated tests. 

Improve test coverage and reliability by combining forces with WebDriver testing for robust test execution.

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Build and Maintain WebDriver Testing Framework

Our no-code / low-code test editor and Webdriver’s reusable code capabilities make it easy to create and maintain automated web tests. Test advanced edge cases with JavaScript, tie into CI pipelines, adjust CSS or XPath selectors, and more!

Combine power with usability for the
ultimate in test automation

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Schedule Software Testing with Ease

Schedule website and web application tests in intervals or specific days and times. Test for bugs and regressions continuously, so you can respond quickly if things go awry.

Alerts, Integrations & API

Get immediate alerts when a test fails through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub and many other services. Notifications include a detailed report of the breakdown, complete with screenshots and video.

Plus, use WebDriver’s powerful API and multiple third-party library integrations to create more advanced test cases with Ghost Inspector. 

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Catch visual bugs before they can affect your users

Manage Webpage Visuals

Keep visual regressions at bay with our user-friendly visual testing features. Each test run captures web screenshots and compares them with a baseline to find any unintended visual changes.

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codeless webdriver tests

Robust Automation Testing Capabilities

Use Ghost Inspector alongside WebDriver to ensure end-to-end test coverage with advanced automation power. Perform responsive and cross-browser testing to ensure functionality across platforms and screen sizes. Create and run complex automated tests faster than you ever thought possible! 

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