Automated Web App Testing

Build and run automated browser tests for your web application.
Keep your web app running smoothly 24/7. No coding knowledge required.

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End-to-end test coverage for your web application

Running a quality web app requires rigorous testing. Manual testing can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for your QA team. Instead, save hours of costly, tedious work by switching to automated testing with Ghost Inspector!

Simple codeless application testing

Give your quality assurance team everything they need for comprehensive web application testing. The best part? No coding ability required to build and maintain your
web app tests!

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Advanced automation testing capabilities

Experienced testers can explore our more extensive features. Test complex edge cases with JavaScript and tie into CI pipelines.

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Create Web Tests in a Few Clicks

Build automated tests that check stability and functionality with our web test recorder. Save the hours you’d spend writing tests by easily recording user flows in-browser. Click through a customer journey and save as a reusable test!

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No-Code Test Editing and Maintenance

Easily make changes to your web application tests with our no-code / low-code test editor. Just drag-and-drop actions in sequence for simple maintenance. Plus, for more customized testing, your QA engineers can access an assortment of more advanced features. 

Adjust CSS or XPath selectors, specify actions and assertions, code custom logic through Javascript, and more!

Ensure a seamless web application experience

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Set Your Test Schedule Easily

Oversee your web application by automating the testing cycle. Run tests in intervals or specify certain days and times. Keep an eye on your web app around the clock, guaranteed.

Alerts, Integrations & API

If any problems arise, Ghost Inspector notifies you right away through your chosen integrations, including by email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub and numerous other integrated options. 

Receive a full report of the test failure, including screenshots and video, to help you correct any issues fast. 

web app testing with Ghost Inspector

Stop errors before they can wreak havoc
on your web server

Web App Visual Testing

Maintain your web application design with automated visual regression testing. Every test run captures screenshots of your web application and compares them with your baseline to spot any issues.

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Ensure Web Application Cross-Compatibility

Ghost Inspector offers a combination of responsive and cross browser testing capabilities. Easily test different web browsers and screen sizes, including mobile and tablet formats. Cover all your software testing bases, no coding knowledge required.

Start testing today

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