Automated Smoke Testing
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Smoke Testing

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Uncover bugs & regressions in the earliest stages

Whenever a new functionality is developed on your website or app, a smoke test should be performed to check for bugs and ensure everything’s working properly before the QA team does further testing. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to run a health check on your site, but often requires a developer or QA expert to build the test. Not with Ghost Inspector, however. With our no-code solution, smoke testing can be performed by anyone on your team and is entirely automated, saving you even more time, money, and resources.

Eliminate Manual Smoke Testing

Manual smoke testing is time consuming and requires an experienced tester to write and run the tests. With Ghost Inspector, anyone on your team can automate the process entirely. With our web test recorder, simply record yourself walking through the new feature or functionality, and Ghost Inspector will turn the recording into an automated test that can be re-run anytime you’d like. 

Eliminate manual smoke testing
Build Smoke tests

Easily Build, Edit, and Maintain your Smoke Tests

Our Codeless Test Editor makes it super simple to adjust smoke test steps if your website or app changes. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to add or remove steps, reorder them, and import repeated step sequences.

You can also adjust CSS or XPath selectors. Define JavaScript, variables, conditions, reusable modules and more!

Automatically receive notifications if something breaks

Smoke Testing Schedule

Set a Custom Test Schedule

With Ghost Inspector, you can set a custom schedule to continuously monitor the functionality of your website, as often as you’d like. This means if anything breaks, you’ll be the first to know. 

Notifications, Integrations & API

If something on your site or app is broken when the smoke test runs, Ghost Inspector will immediately send an email or message to the platform of your choice – we integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, GitHub, and more. These notifications include details, screenshots, and video to give you insight on what failed during the test, so your team knows exactly how to proceed. 

Ensure your website looks the way it should

Detect Visual Regressions

In addition to testing the functionality of your website or app through smoke testing, Ghost Inspector will review how everything looks and flag any visual changes that are detected during test runs. 

Smoke Testing with Ghost Inspector
Automated smoke testing

Cross-Browser & Responsive

Ghost Inspector is capable of a lot more than smoke testing. From cross-browser testing to responsive testing and more, we cover every testing scenario your QA team might have. 

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