Everything Your Team Needs To Test and Debug 10x Faster

Build an ‘army’ of QA testers with automated, no-code tests that anyone can create & schedule in minutes.

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QA Testers


Complete Thousands of Hours of Fully Automated Testing Per Month!

Record tests in minutes, then reuse them forever! Just select the interval you want them to run on.

We run all tests on our servers, so you don’t have to manage the infrastructure.

✅ Schedule tests for specific dates, times, or intervals (every minute, hour, day, or week)
✅ WCAG Compliant

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“Before, I had to run all my tests manually. Now I just create a test once, and Ghost Inspector does the rest!”

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Get Instant Bug Reports With All The Details

Fix bugs 5x faster with detailed reports — includes everything you need to debug any scenario. 

Automatically share bug reports with the dev team. No more manual reporting!

✅ Get the bug’s location, browser, device, screenshot, and more
✅ Easily fix small bugs before they cause bigger problems

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All Your Tests, Results, And Reports in One Place

Easily access all important info on one intuitive dashboard. Track and record data across different testing phases.

Ghost Inspector logs all your tests automatically, so you can save hundreds of hours per month on repetitive manual data entry.

Download & share test reports with anyone on your team in just 2 clicks.

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It Takes 2 Mins To Create An Automated Test Worth 1000s Of QA Testing Hours

In this 1-minute video, we’ll show you how you can automate your QA testing to find and fix bugs fast.


Product Managers


Test Complex User Journeys, 100% Code-Free

Easily record tests with the browser extension — as if you’re the user inside your site/web app. 

 Create tests with 10-100 steps in just a few minutes.

✅ Test checkouts, shopping carts, coupons, accessibility, and more
✅ Anyone can create & schedule tests, even with no technical experience!

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“The tool can be used by anyone, from non-technical employees to experienced developers.”


 Justin – QA Manager

Automated Bug Notifications Across 10+ Channels

Get instantly notified when Ghost Inspector finds a bug.

Easily customize your notification preferences to suit your entire team.

✅ Get notified on Slack, MS Teams, GitHub, Jira, and more!
✅ Perfect team alignment 100% of the time

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Modify Tests With Our Powerful Test Editor

Change the steps of new or existing tests, no code needed. Select each test’s browser, device, and even geolocation!

Run multiple parallel tests, even on the lowest plan.

Run tests across multiple sites at once. Easily track user interactions like clicks, signups, and more…

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As A Product Manager You Can Ship Features Faster Without Worrying About Bugs


We’ll show you how your team can use Ghost Inspector to cut time-to-market in half.




Automated Debugging When You Push New Code

Integrate Ghost Inspector into your deployment system in just 5 minutes. 

Need help getting started? Get support from Ghost Inspector’s engineers

Instantly test code when you push it to your deployment system. No more manual test scripts!

✅ All your QA testing & debugging, with 1 tool
✅ Integrate with AWS, GitHub, Jira, and 20+ more
✅ Build custom test modules once, reuse them forever


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Save Hundreds of Hours of Manual Debugging

Get instant reports that give you all the details you need to fix bugs fast. 

Spend 99% of your testing time debugging — not trying to find where bugs are.

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Test User Flows Outside Your App With The API

Easily create tests for custom integrations and web apps.

Test email sequences, deliverability, coupons, accessibility, and more!

Access full API documentation for running tests, exporting results, and authenticating errors.

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Inject Custom JavaScript For Full Customization

Creating more complex tests? Simply use JavaScript for more complex functionality.

Inject JavaScript libraries directly onto the page for faster testing.

✅ Use jQuery, Node.js, React, and Angular
✅ Test individual version control branches

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Easily Test 20+ Complex User Scenarios In Minutes

Test any user scenario — even without perfect environment conditions. No need to waste time making sure an element is visible or in the right place.

✅ Test checkouts, date pickers, and many more
✅ Save time with built-in smart logic for complicated scenarios

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Watch How Engineers Save Hundreds of Hours of Manual Debugging


In this 1-minute video, we’ll show you how to create modularized test steps you can reuse forever.

You’re 2 Minutes Away From Creating Your First Automated Test

Unlock all of Ghost Inspector’s features free for 14 days. Install the browser extension and record your first test right away.

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