Ghost Inspector: The Leading Tricentis Alternative

Searching for the top Tricentis alternative? Enter Ghost Inspector, your automated browser testing solution. Hunt down website and web app bugs and squash them before they can cause you problems. Read on to find out all the differences between Ghost Inspector and Tricentis, so you can pick the right option for your business.

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Ghost Inspector is a Cutting Edge Alternative to Tricentis

Ghost Inspector provides end-to-end automated testing with no coding required. Just like with Tricentis Tosca, you won’t need additional tech to test your website or web app. It’s a straightforward, affordable alternative to Tricentis Tosca that can help your business run detailed codeless automated testing.

Below are Ghost Inspector’s key features:

Cross Browser Testing Lambdatest Alernative

Cross-Browser & Responsive Testing

Test your website and web applications on multiple different browsers, screen sizes, and geolocations. 

Ghost Inspector vs Lambdatest Codeless Automation

Codeless Automated Testing

With Ghost Inspector’s no-code test editor, every employee can build and run automated tests, regardless of coding ability. 

Video Recording Ghost Inspector

Web Test Recorder

Easily take videos of the user journey and transform these recordings into reusable automated tests.


Visual testing

Grab screenshots from test runs, so you can compare them with your baseline to determine any visual changes.

Parallel Testing

Parallel testing

Forget paying additional prices to run parallel tests. Ghost Inspector allows you to run all your tests in parallel, at no extra cost.

Ghost Inspector Test Scheduling

Test scheduling

Schedule automated tests at specific intervals, so you can discover any bugs before they impact your business or clients.

Ghost Inspector vs. Tricentis - Comparing Features

Unlike many other test automation products, Ghost Inspector is both easy to use and affordable for both small and large businesses. You don’t need any coding skills to fully build your desired automated tests. And you have direct access to our documentation and webinars to learn how to use Ghost Inspector.

The table below provides a side-by-side comparison of Ghost Inspector and Tricentis Tosca.


Ghost Inspector

Tricentis Tosca

Free version

– 14-day free trial

– All premium features are included

– 14-day free trial, requires training license

Supported browsers

– Chrome

– Firefox

– Chrome

– Firefox

– Edge

– Internet Explorer

– Safari

Browser extensions

Desktop version


Live testing

Automated testing

Parallel testing

Included by default; run as many parallel tests as you want

Allows parallel tests with purchase of multiple DataIntegrityParallelExecution licenses

Accessibility testing

No-code test building

Headless testing

(on Chrome)

(on Chrome or Firefox)

Email testing

Video recorder





– 14-day Free Trial

– Small: $125/month

– Medium: $249/month

– Large: $499/month

– Enterprise: quote upon request

– 14-day Free Trial

– Enterprise: quote upon request


Live Demos

Customer support

* The pricing used for comparison is Tricentis Tosca.

Why customers prefer Ghost Inspector

I have been using Ghost Inspector on the job for about 3 years now, and I can’t imagine going back to Selenium. The amount of time Ghost Inspector SAVES you when you are recording and writing your tests is amazing. Need a test to check your contact us page? 15 minutes, how about a test to book a hotel room, and check that you received the email to a certain email address? 30 minutes tops.

Dustin T, G2

The victory for us is how Ghost Inspector has changed the face of QA in our company. We are beginning to grow what I believe is a QA culture—even our chairman writes Ghost Inspector tests now!


Patrick McKenna, Global Head of Product Engineering

We manage 39 sites, with Ghost Inspector, we can do over 130+ (and growing) tests daily to ensure nothing has gone wrong, it allows us to ensure our content is showing as expected and spot and solve errors before our key users realize it’s there.

It also helps us to do very powerful regression tests before we release new features on the test environment, avoiding rollbacks (and drama!) on the production servers.

Ignacio G, Project Manager, G2

Start Testing with Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector is a cost-effective alternative to Tricentis that offers comprehensive testing services, amenable to both technically and non-technically skilled users. Register for a free trial today and start building your automated tests with ease.

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