Ghost Inspector:
The Top Alternative to
Sauce Labs

On the hunt for an impressive Sauce Labs alternative? Meet Ghost Inspector, an end-to-end automated browser testing application that helps you find and troubleshoot bugs on your website or web app in mere minutes. Read on to see the differences between Ghost Inspector and Sauce Labs, so you can decide on the program that best suits your business needs.

Sauce Labs Alternative

Ghost Inspector is a User-Friendly Sauce Labs Alternative

Ghost Inspector is an end-to-end automated browser testing tool that comes with a ton of user-friendly features to help boost your QA tests. If you’re looking for more baseline services, Sauce Labs may be the right choice for your QA department. However, if you’d like to completely automate your browser testing and enjoy a wide range of advanced features, Ghost Inspector will set you up for success, giving you back all the hours you would’ve spent on tiresome manual testing.

Here are some features Ghost Inspector has to offer:

Cross Browser Testing Lambdatest Alernative

Cross-Browser & Responsive Testing

End-to-end testing made easy, with capabilities for testing a variety of different browsers, screen sizes, and geolocations. 

Ghost Inspector vs Lambdatest Codeless Automation

Codeless Automated Testing

Use our easy-to-manage test editor to design tests you can re-use over and over. Scale your QA team without wasting time with manual tests.

Video Recording Ghost Inspector

Video Recorder

Take videos of yourself operating your website or app that can then be turned into reusable automated tests.


Visual testing

Capture screenshots during test runs to compare with your baseline, making it easy to discover any unwanted visual changes.

Parallel Testing

Parallel testing

Run as many parallel tests as you need without paying a cent more. Ghost Inspector provides unlimited parallel testing by default.

Ghost Inspector Test Scheduling

Test scheduling

Easily plan intervals or specific days and times for your automated tests to run.

Ghost Inspector vs. Sauce Labs - Compare the Two

With Ghost Inspector, your entire team has easy access to designing and running browser tests, no prior knowledge of coding needed. 

While other tools for automating tests are often tough to learn and execute, Ghost Inspector specializes in making it easy for any employee to create and run multiple browser tests. Plus, the app comes with numerous training documents and webinars to help get you started. Scroll through the table below to see the similarities and differences between Ghost Inspector and Sauce Labs:


Ghost Inspector

Sauce Labs

Free version

– 14-day free trial

– All premium features are included

– 28 day free trial

– 160 testing minutes and some premium features

Supported browsers

– Chrome

– Firefox

– Chrome

– Firefox

– Safari

– Edge

Browser extensions


Live testing

Headless testing

(on Chrome)

(available for Enterprise only)

Automated testing

(unavailable for Live Testing plan)

Parallel testing

Included by default; run as many parallel tests as you need

Each additional parallel test requires an extra monthly cost

Accessibility testing

Email testing


Video recorder





– Small: $125/month

– Medium: $249/month

– Large: $499/month

– Enterprise: quote upon request

– Live Testing: $49/month

– Virtual Cloud: $199/month

– Real Device Cloud: $249/month

– Enterprise: quote upon request


Live Demos

Customer support

Why customers prefer Ghost Inspector over Sauce Labs

Ghost Inspector makes it extremely easy to put together some pretty comprehensive integration tests for a website or web-app. Ghost Inspector’s test creation workflow is extremely easy to use, and the ability to see screenshots and videos of tests when they fail is fantastic.

Ghost Inspector User, Capterra

We manage 39 sites, with Ghost Inspector, we can do over 130+ (and growing) tests daily to ensure nothing has gone wrong, it allows us to ensure our content is showing as expected and spot and solve errors before our key users realize it’s there.

It also helps us to do very powerful regression tests before we release new features on the test environment, avoiding rollbacks (and drama!) on the production servers.

Ignacio G, Project Manager, G2

The tool can be used by anyone, from non-technical employees to experienced developers. Because Javascript is allowed in the tests, it allows for incredibly powerful tests to be written.

The Ghost Inspector team is great, too. We’ve always received prompt responses to support tickets and they’ve even implemented a number of our change requests, each time very shortly after we requested it.

JJS, QA Manager, G2

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Ghost Inspector is an easy, adaptable alternative to Sauce Labs that addresses all your QA browser testing requirements. If you found Sauce Labs to be missing some QA browser testing components, you can sign up now for a free trial of Ghost Inspector to check out its many features, no upfront commitment required.

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