Why Cantilever Recommends Ghost Inspector to Every Client [Case Study]

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Ghost Inspector Cantilever Case Study

Since 2011, Cantilever has provided world-class services in web design & development,  branding, digital product design, and technical consulting to businesses around the globe. With a client base that includes prominent organizations like Esquire, The Bipartisan Policy Center, and The American Cancer Society, Cantilever stands out for its enthusiastic devotion to excellence, equity, and sustainability. 

Cantilever’s Founder and CEO, Ty Fujimura joined us to share how quickly his team was convinced that Ghost Inspector is the gold standard for automated web testing. Check out his interview below to see why Cantilever now recommends Ghost Inspector to every single client for Quality Assurance. 

👋 Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Ty Fujimura and I’m the founder and CEO of Cantilever.

What is your business?

Cantilever is a web design and development consultancy. We work with everyone from the Fortune 50 to small nonprofits. And the problem they have is, they’re not getting the results that they want from their websites. We have the expertise to get that done, and our mission is to make the world a better place through our work. That applies both to our websites themselves and how we conduct our business.

What challenges were you facing that made you seek out Ghost Inspector?

We make a wide variety of very complex websites across a number of different stacks, and we were looking for a unified automated QA tool that would allow us to have the peace of mind that things were working properly—even if problems may have come from sources that are very hard to test for traditionally, such as user generated content.

How did Ghost Inspector help you overcome those challenges?

With Ghost Inspector, we are able to basically model all of the different behaviors that users typically do when they’re on the websites that we create. And we know those pathways very well because we design these sites ourselves, and so we see how people are using them. And with Ghost Inspector, we’ve been able to create really robust libraries of these different scripts. And even when we hear about a problem, if we didn’t have a test for that before, we not only fix the problem, but we also make a Ghost Inspector test to detect that problem, so that if it ever recurs, we’ll know right away.

Can you walk me through the process of implementing Ghost Inspector in your organization?

We started rolling out Ghost Inspector by using it for our marketing website, which is a common technique that we use if we’re going to try a new tool. It was very helpful for us to make sure that our website was functioning properly, and we found it really easy to use. So it was a no-brainer to start rolling it out to more clients, and it’s now become pretty much a standard part of our offering and something that we recommend that all of our clients implement.

What specific features on Ghost Inspector do you find the most helpful?

It’s super helpful to have a video recording of every single test failure, because just knowing that something failed can leave a gap in your understanding of what actually went wrong. But being able to literally visually see it and then share that across different teams is crucial in making sure that we understand what went wrong and are able to diagnose and fix it quickly.

Why do you recommend Ghost Inspector to other businesses?

I’ve never seen another tool that’s as good at allowing non-developers to make really robust tests. And we’ve even had clients who we recommended Ghost Inspector to, and we implemented it for them, and then they themselves were able to go in and make tests in the future. And that’s just a testament to how flexible and easy to use the software is. So we really recommend it, because it has that perfect blend of power with user-friendliness.  And it’s something that even non-developers can get the hang of and get use out of.

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