What is Regression Testing? Definition, tools and examples

regression testing cycle

Regression testing is an important practice in software development. It tests to ensure your application remains stable and reliable even as changes and updates are introduced. Each new change introduces a risk of breaking existing functionalities, potentially causing shipping delays or launch postponements. Evaluating your application against a full suite of tests helps find and […]

What is QA Automation: Tools, Benefits, and Best Practices

What is QA automation?

Quality Assurance (QA) teams must run extensive tests to ensure that a website or application performs as intended before release. However, rather than manually running these tests, which can hinder productivity, modern teams are using QA automation. By automating QA testing workflows, teams can rapidly execute these tests using standardized processes, frameworks, and software. Developers can quickly […]

10 Best CI/CD Tools in 2024

10 Best CI/CD tools in 2024

Modern development strategies require implementing a continuous integration and delivery/deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to consistently deliver high-quality software and updates. To achieve this, development teams must create a CI/CD pipeline that effectively automates and accelerates the software development lifecycle. This enables developers to build and deploy better code faster. But, to create a well-functioning CI/CD pipeline, […]

The 16 Best Automation Testing Tools to Use in 2024

The 16 Best Automation Testing Tools to Use in 2024.png

It’s hard to know who to trust for automated testing tools. With so many options, deciding which one will fit your specific needs can be tough. That’s why we’re breaking down the top tools in the industry, their advantages and disadvantages, the tests they’re used for, their price points, and more. We’ll also share user […]

Top 7 Selenium Alternatives for Test Automation

The Top Selenium alternatives for test automation

You’re searching for “Selenium alternatives” because, while Selenium is a popular open-source test automation tool, it has certain limitations. Its slow execution speed can be problematic when dealing with large test suites or complex applications. The basic reporting and analytics features make finding problems and testing results difficult. It also lacks a mobile app testing […]

The 7 Best Regression Testing Tools in 2024

The 7 best regression testing tools

QA engineers and developers constantly worry that new updates will hinder the functionality of their applications. Regression testing tools prevent this and ensure that applications run smoothly after a code update. Most QA teams use automated regression testing software to save time and money while speeding up the release cycle. However, these benefits only apply […]

Cypress vs Selenium: Features, Pricing and More Compared

Comparison of Cypress vs Selenium

Cypress and Selenium are two of the most popular website testing tools. Each has advantages, so it can be tough to know which is the best fit for you. That’s why we’ve compared and contrasted the two, so you know which is best for specific use cases. As makers of our own web testing tool, […]

Sauce Labs vs BrowserStack: The Best Testing Tool in 2024

Saucelabs vs. browserstack logos

BrowserStack and Sauce Labs are industry-leading, cloud-based web and mobile testing platforms for developers. Both platforms offer quality features to streamline and simplify testing across browsers and devices. If you’re choosing between BrowserStack and Sauce Labs, looking at the basic features won’t cut it. You need to dig deeper and identify where the two vendors differ. In […]

Top 5 BrowserStack Alternatives in 2024

Explore the features of five alternatives to BrowserStack

BrowserStack is a popular web and mobile testing platform. While the cross-browser testing tool has been the go-to for Quality Assurance (QA) teams and product managers since 2011, many are now turning to other solutions to simplify and automate their testing processes. But how do you pick the right BrowserStack alternative testing tool? Do you […]