Automated Browser Testing & Monitoring

Easily build browser tests for your website or application. Monitor continously.

Painlessly Record Tests in Your Browser

Ghost Inspector test recorder

Your browser tests are going to mimic a user's journey through your website or application, so why not create them via your own journey? Ghost Inspector provides a test recorder tool for both Chrome and Firefox that allows you to record operations and assertions right in your web browser. If you’re familiar with Selenium IDE, this is similar but much more streamlined. Once you’re done recording a test, it’s saved to our cloud service and immediately processed. At that point, you can view, edit and automate the test within your account.

While browser testing rarely allows for a simple "set it and forget it" approach, our recording tool provides a quick and easy jumping off point for creating new tests.

Build & Manage Tests with Our Editor

Ghost Inspector test editor

Not a fan of recording tests? Would you rather build your tests manually using your own selectors? We understand. We’ve created a visual editor for that. Instead of coding your own test cases, you can build them quickly and easily using our intuitive interface. Run your tests immediately as you’re building them. You can also record tests initially, then edit them using this interface afterwards.

We support a large number of operations in your steps: Everything from simple clicks, to file uploads, to custom JavaScript. Steps can contain variables and can also be modularized and reused, allowing you to centralize common step sequences for easy management. Both CSS and XPath are supported when targeting elements. If already have tests in Selenium format, you may be able to import them into Ghost Inspector.

Monitor the Functionality of Your Website or Application

Ghost Inspector test result

With Ghost Inspector, you can continually check your website’s functionality for issues by creating tests and running them on a schedule (ex: hourly) or when you deploy changes through our API.

Executing a test is the equivalent of a user performing the same actions in their web browser. You’ll be able to see exactly which steps passed and which failed. Ghost Inspector provides you with full video of the test run, console output from the browser, screenshots, and even a visual comparison of any changes that have occurred since the last test run. All test results are stored and can be viewed in your account.

Catch & Review Visual Regressions

Ghost Inspector screenshot comparison

Ghost Inspector doesn’t just test the functionality of your website. It also keeps track of what it’s supposed to look like.

Our system takes a screenshot at the end of every test run and compares it to the last passing screenshot to look for differences. You can set a threshold anywhere from 0% to 90%. If Ghost Inspector detects that the screenshot has changed by that amount or more, it’ll flag it as a screenshot failure and notify you. We provide a number of features to highlight differences, present side-by-side comparisons, approve new baselines, exclude elements from the display, and more.

The next time the CSS on your website gets botched, you’ll know it immediately!

Customize Test Settings

Ghost Inspector test settings

Ghost Inspector provides a ton of useful settings for all of your tests. These can be set individually for tests and most can be defaulted at the suite level. Here are just a few:

  • Start URL (w/variable support)
  • Automated scheduling
  • Browser engine choices
  • HTTP authentication
  • Custom user agent string
  • Custom HTTP headers
  • Screen resolution
  • Screenshot comparison
  • Geolocations (IPs around the globe)
  • Various notifications
  • Service integrations

Receive Notifications & Setup Integrations

Ghost Inspector Slack message

Ghost Inspector provides a number of built-in options and third party integrations for notifying you about test results. Notifications can be controlled on the test, suite, and organization levels giving you both broad and fine-grained control over your settings.

Apart from email summaries and webhook notifications, we also support many 3rd party services including:

Visual Studio Team Services
Travis CI

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