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An organization is an entity that houses your tests so that they can be centralized and accessed by multiple users. Organizations come with specific allotments for monthly test runs and members that are dictated by the chosen plan. Our free plan creates a default "Personal" organization for you when you sign up. This organization only allows for a single member — you. When purchasing one of our paid plans, you'll be asked to create a new organization. This organization will come with an allotment of additional members slots and monthly test runs. Organizations typically correspond to business entities with employees becoming members, but can be used however you see fit.

New organizations can be created at any time, but note that each new organization requires its own paid plan. You may be a part of as many organizations as you would like. There is currently no limit. Suites can also be transferred between organizations, including from your "Personal" organization into a paid organization and vice versa.

Organization details can be managed on your account screen (by clicking your name on the top, right of the application). Options are provided for managing details, billing, usage, members, notifications and integrations.

Organization Details