Modularizing Tests - Reusing Test Steps

Separate our test steps into reusable modules

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Modularizing Tests - Reusing Test Steps

Ghost Inspector gives you the ability to modularize your tests. You can import the steps of one test into another by using the “Import steps from test” option. This allows you to segment out certain operations and easily reuse them. For instance, if most of your tests require a login at the beginning, you could create a “Login” test and insert it as the first step of those tests. This saves you from having to repeat those operations across multiple tests and makes things much more maintainable. Instead, you’ll have them in one spot.

Import test steps in test editor

You can import multiple tests within a single test. You can also nest tests multiple levels deep. For instance, “Test A” could include “Test B” as it’s first step, and “Test B” could include “Test C” as it’s first step. You can go up to 10 levels deep with nesting.

If you wish to see everywhere that a test is imported, the list can be found under Settings > Miscellaneous in the test. There is a section called "Importing Tests". Clicking the "Fetch" button will load a complete list of tests that import the current test across your entire organization.

Note #1: When importing a test, the system is effectively including it’s steps into your current test. It is not executing the selected test within a separate scope, nor does it navigate to the start URL of the included test.
Note #2: You must have at least one other test in your account for this option to appear.