You can now run Ghost Inspector tests with Firefox!

We’re very excited to announce that you can now run Ghost Inspector tests using the Firefox web browser! We’re working hard to expand our ecosystem of browsers and Firefox is the first step in that expansion. You can now choose to run your tests with Firefox, or stick with our default WebKit browsers (PhantomJS).

You’ll find the “Browser Version” options in the “Access Settings” area of your tests’ settings page.

We hope you’re able to put this new option to good use! Please contact us if you run into any issues.

Note: When testing a website over HTTPS with Firefox, that website must have a valid SSL certificate. Exceptions cannot be made for invalid or self-signed certificates.
Justin Klemm

Author: Justin Klemm

Justin is the founder and tech lead at Ghost Inspector. He's a seasoned developer with a passion for innovation. When he's not tinkering with the latest web frameworks, Justin enjoys world traveling, good eats and lots of outdoor activity.

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